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Request an appeal

You may request reconsideration of a decision made by Coalfire Certification for reasons concerning incompetent or prejudice assessment results, including disagreements pertaining to audit findings, severity classifications, assessment approach, and enforced deadlines.

Notification of the intention to appeal could be supported by relevant facts or data for consideration during the appeals evaluation.

Possible methods to receive an appeal could include, but are not limited to, the following: the form below, email communication, verbal notification, or commentary provided within customer satisfaction survey. The certification body’s management team should seek out the following information, where appropriate, to assess the nature of the appeal:

  • The name of the appellant
  • Contact details for the appellant
  • The application, audit, certification decision that is the subject of the appeal
  • Description of the appeal

Individuals involved with evaluating an appeals case should not comprise the affected audit cycle assessment team composition. The results of the appeals process will not affect any relationships between the client organization and the certification body, especially for actions that would be considered preferential or biased in nature.

Once the decision regarding an appeal is made, no counterclaim by either party in dispute can be executed to amend or change this decision unless additional, relevant supporting documentation is provided for review. Where similar appeals are received, the Coalfire Certification management team will consider results of historical cases that have determined precedents when handling particular matters. In instances where the appeal was successful and the certificate is issued or reinstated, no claim can be made against Coalfire Certification for reimbursement of costs or other losses incurred as a result of withholding, suspension, or withdrawal notification.